Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That 80s Vibe

Party or event planning seem to make 50% or more of my real role here in the company I work for. I enjoy it since I am into event organizing as well (even back in school). Somehow, it does not shock nor threaten me anymore. However, it kind of scares me a bit especially when you are pressed for 3 days to the main event!
So, what I usually do is
to make a long list of to-dos and take it from there. However, a challenge now is having to create a party for our big boss + the fact that it's supposed to be a surprise party! Yes, and it's all due this Friday! Talk about cramming! :) Anyway, the theme, as obviously stated in the title of this blog entry, is the 80s. It's kind of to create the look and feel of it. Now the challenge is, creating a program for it...the flow of the birthday party surprise, etc.

With that, I would like to seek your help dear readers, to please suggest (1) a program flow and (2) a linkage of the 80s party to our big boss' birthday (why an 80s theme --aside from it being her favorite). To help make it easy for you, here are some points to remember:
  • She's a lady boss (our Managing Director) who celebrates her 40th birthday on Friday
  • 4 teams have prepared a production number (song or dance) with the 80s vibe
  • We only have a maximum of 45 minutes to make everything happen
That's it. Now of course, to reward the best entry/suggestion, I will be giving away Starbucks Gift Certificates and Human Nature Products to the lucky winner (or winners if there are really lot of fab ideas to those who will respond).

Deadline of submission of entry is tomorrow, September 14 at 4pm. The winner (or winners) will be announced on September 15 (Thursday).

Please submit those creative ideas and win!

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  1. sis! don't forget the "Party Ball" and dress up like Madonna or Cyndi Lauper then for guys naman Boy George or Prince. the party should be full of colors and lights..


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