Monday, August 9, 2010

When Rules are Rules

It's been 10 days since I filed for our marriage license in Mandaluyong City Hall, which means that our license is now ready for pick up/release. However, I was politely informed and guided by the Civil Registry officer, Mrs. Ador, that our license cannot be release until we accomplish the following:

  1. Personal Appearance - obviously, she's seen me, flesh and blood, and is convinced that yes, I intend to be married. But my fiance also has to appear before her so she can attest that we are the same couple who matches the pictures I submitted as part of the document requirements requested by their office
  2. Attendance to the Family Planning Seminar - this runs every Wednesday from 1pm-3pm, wherein a certificate of attendance shall be given to the couple upon completion. 
So until then, I cannot get my hands into that license. Hahaha. Well, in a way, I am happy because this proves that the local government in Mandaluyong follows rules, requirements, etc. to the letter. Never was there a time, during that second meeting with Mrs. Ador, did she make me feel that red tape, under the table or "lagay" can expedite the process. Bravo! And with that, fiance and I will be able to claim our license on the 25th when fiance is back in Manila! Yey, I'm excited!

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