Thursday, September 1, 2011

BDO Internet Banking Gets a Makeover

A couple of days ago, Banco de Oro (BDO), one of the largest banks in the country, announced to its clients that a regular system maintenance will be done (if I remember it correctly, it was over the long weekend we recently had), which actually resulted in errors logging in to their system. 

This morning,
even if I wasn't locked out yet, I requested for a password reset over the phone, wherein a BDO phone banker Katrina, politely and happily obliged. I even called the Customer Service twice because I was used to receiving the password reset email after 5 minutes, so I called them up again the second time and it was Katrina again who answered and nicely explained to me that due to the technical problem, the password will be received within 24 hours. Hmm, I'm ok with that! She was so nice that I even apologized for being too 'excited'. Hahaha. With that, kudos to Katrina! May all other phone bankers be as nice as her.

Two hours after our conversation, I received my new password via email, and as I logged on to BDO internet banking, a new look was shown in my screen. First, there's this page (after changing my password) which asks you to update all your details plus it asks you to choose 3 security questions (should you forget your password -- like me), and to indicate whether you are employed or not. After that, an all new, colorful BDO page appears!

In 'My Home', you will be shown a summary of the BDO accounts enrolled in internet banking together with the available balance. Ok, it's the same as the old version but it's more "attractive" and easier to look at (well, for me that is). Also, the thumbnails you see on the right side are Quick Links to activities you'd like to do as you bank online. Nevertheless, for the more 'traditional' users, you still have the option to choose from the  drop down menu on top of the page.

Navigating through the page is easier and more fun with this new look...just like a social networking site (ehem, FB --- the older version though). What's more, it seems that it loads faster now than the older version. Well of course, this may also vary depending on the connection you have. Well, it says on their site that the internet banking website is best viewed with Internet Explorer 8.0+ or Mozilla Firefox 3.6+.


  1. unfortunately nag lock din ung net banking ko today but it happens for only the first try to log in pagkatapos nun natanggap ko erro message your account is locked contact customer service, aun nag email agad ako early in the morning pero until now ala pa cla reply nag email na din ako for 2nd time ewan ko lang kung mag reply cla, is there anyway that i can unlocked it again? wla kc ako sa pinas

  2. BDO Customer Service usually replies via email within 2-3 days upon receipt of your query/concern. The easiest way to reset your password though is to call their customer service hotline. Since you are abroad, try contacting their toll free hotline: BDO: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-6318000.

    Hope this helps.


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