Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When You Least Expect It

I got up at around 730AM to prepare for today's appointments. I prepared the documents and made myself breakfast (1 slice of loaf bread with bacon spread + a cup of coffee). I barely drank coffee as I rushed to take a bath and get dressed, checked the clock and it's already a little past 9AM. Now, I need to move double time.

I'd just hail a taxi so I won't have to walk distances. First attempt was a failure, taxi is occupied, and so is the next. But then the passenger inside the cab waved at me as if she knew me. I just looked at her in surprise and looked away. In a matter of a second or 2, I realized that I know that person... it was Anne, my college barkada. I just smiled at her and waved goodbye... then in a split-second (again) I told her I'd ride with her...and there it was, I got my cab ride. 

Anne works in Ortigas (Antel building) which is just across my first destination, Centerpoint building. We were both surprised to see each other, so surprised that there was silence in the cab for about a minute! Then we made our kumustahan until we reached their office. So I just passed through their building and walk myself to Centerpoint. Fine... I still had to walk, in heels by the way, and cross an overpass. No worries, it's the least I'd do for a free ride. Hahaha.

And there I was, just in time for my 10AM appointment. I was served about 10 minutes after I arrived, exchanged information with Ms. Boots Sarte, the Recruitment Consultant, who happens to be a graduate of UST - AB Behavioral Science Batch 1997. The interview turned out to be more of a chikahan between 2 Thomasians. Go Uste! Hahaha. Five minutes later, she let me take an exam (aptitude, sentence completion, and psychological exam) which lasted for about an hour.

As I took the exam, my stomach grumbled like crazy! It was embarrassing since I know for a fact that my seatmate can hear it! Geez! And my tummy was like making that sound every 3 minutes, so I had to fake a cough to overpower it! Gosh, crazy crazy! I knew right there that I should never skip breakfast ever again, especially if I have 'professional' appointments. 

As I finished the exams, I bode farewell to Boots and she told me to expect an update after a week. I rushed out of the building and was lucky to find a can waiting in front to take me back home immediately so I can have brunch.

Reaching home, I immediately prepared myself a decent meal, and killed 2 hours of waiting by watching tv. An hour after, the intercom rang and I was told that I there's a flower delivery. I was surprised. I even asked the receptionist again to confirm. As soon as she said that it was indeed for me, I headed to the lobby to pick it up. 

Lo and behold, it was indeed for me, though there was no indication from whom the flowers were from. When I went back to the unit, I opened it and read the card.... it's from my fiance. :) It's a belated monthsary gift.... 3 red roses and a little teddy bear. Cute. 
gift for our 119th

And yes, from that moment, ang haba ng hair ko! Hahaha. I immediately called him on the phone but he wasn't answering. Minutes later he returned my call so I was able to thank him for the sweet surprise. He was happy that I liked it.

An hour later, I dragged myself out of the house to go to my next appointment. Destination: Ayala Avenue, Makati. I left 230pm thinking that I'd make it at 3pm but I reached Makati around 320pm due to traffic congestion along Ayala Ave. itself. Crazy. Nevertheless, I made it on time.

For my 330pm appointment, I was served around 4pm by a young lady, who seems to be fresh out of college, and handed me an application form. Filling it out was easy, compared to other application forms that companies give to applicants, so I was able to finish it in 5 minutes. After which, the long wait has begun. An hour and a half has passed, I still wasn't called.

Then my phone rang, a number I am not familiar with was calling me..when I answered it, I was immediately engaged in a phone interview with Ms. Jewel Layug of IBM Business Services. A minute into the phone conversation, my interviewer came out and called for me. Talk about bad timing. When she saw that I was on the phone, she made a gesture saying "I'll let you take that call". But then, the person on the other end of the line kept asking me questions and I cannot seem to interrupt her... that was when the interviewer went out again for the second time to check on me. God, I was in a weird situation. Fortunately or unfortunately, my phone signal was out, thus cutting my conversation with Jewel. At that point, I said to myself "bad impression to the interviewer" .... not only with the one I was scheduled with that afternoon but also on Jewel. I was thinking of walking out or whatever.

Minutes later, Ms. Mitch (the interviewer) went out to call me and we proceeded with the interview. Of course, I apologized for making her wait and she seemed cool about it. And so the interview began and lasted for about an hour. She explained to me what the job will be like and their organizational structure...and told me that they will call/email me after a week for updates.

Whew! Finally, all my appointments are done for the day. Long day it was. But I am glad I have accomplished a lot of things. And upon reaching home, I felt much better seeing that I have 3 red roses and a bear waiting for me. Love Love Love!

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